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Aluminum, PVC, Wood & Chain-Link Fencing in Scranton, Wilkes Barre, and Surrounding Areas

Rizzo Fence Co. from Jefferson Township, Pennsylvania, proudly provides aluminum and chain-link fencing for your residential or commercial needs. With 28 years of experience, trust our company for prompt, quality installations.


Your Aluminum Fencing - Maintenance Free

Aluminum fencing is one of the more preferred fence options, as it is not only increases your curb appeal, it doesn't rust like ornamental fencing. Aluminum fencing is available at 3 to 6 feet high and in a number of colors:

Bronze, Black, Green, White or Beige


Adding a Gate

Add arched or standard gates to your aluminum fence for your entrance way. Gates are available at 4' wide for single gates and up to 10' wide for double gates.


Don't Forget the Pups

Aluminum fencing gives you peace of mind knowing your pet won't be able to get off of the property. There are puppy panels available, which are closer together and prevent your animals from getting out of the yard.


Chain Link

This affordable fencing option is great when you don't have a lot of spare cash to dish out. Galvanized chain link is used to contain pets and children. Vinyl coated chain link is cosmetically nicer to look at. Chain link heights range from 3' high to 6' high in residential areas. If your looking for privacy, there are slats available in many colors.

Available Coated Color Options
- Green
- Black
- Brown
- White


Fencing the Pool Area

Usually the pool code is 54" high from ground level. Gates for a pool fence have to open out, and be self closing and self latching.
We use the child-proof Magna-Latch® brand.


The Importance of Durability

No one wants a fence that's not going to last a lifetime. No worries, chain-link fencing is the more durable option and is bound to last a lifetime. Because your new fencing is durable and maintenance-free, you never have to worry about expensive repairs. Chain-link fencing is available with a galvanized or vinyl-coating.

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